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Spectra Vision started its journey in the year 1986. One of the pioneers in electronics retail in the state, ‘customer service’ is the corner stone of our business. We believe there is no greater joy than a happy, satisfied customer, and nothing is more fulfilling than the trust put in by our customers in the ‘Spectra Vision’ for almost three decades.

We have built our business with a simple promise that we will deliver what is promised, what is expected, on time. Where we are today is because of our customers, and our commitment to customer service, and have received not just city-wide, but state-wide and country-wide laurels for the same.

The vast selection of electronics all under one roof is sure to attract all electronics buffs. You will simply love the large expanse of the video wall, the fabulous sound quality and the display of the electronics section. Every time you visit the electronics section, you will be greeted with the latest, cutting edge products of leading brands. From the latest plasma and LCD TV’s in a variety of sizes, to home theatre systems, laptops, computers, notebooks etc., you will find everything at Spectra. We have products in a varied price range so that you can choose from options in your budget, and no matter what you choose, you will find it at the best price in the market.

Spectravision has created a mark in the sale of electronics products in Odisha. We create incredible values and information for our customers that can change their lives. Spectravision has built up trust and own its customers hearts with loyalty and determination.

Nikon India has launched a Nikon Coolpix Zone in the city of Bhubaneswar, and you can experience one at Spectra Vision. As the names suggests, the ‘Nikon Coolpix Zones’ will display the entire range of Nikon Coolpix compact cameras and select D-SLR cameras.

At the Nikon Zone, both professional and enthusiasts, get to touch, feel and experience the Coolpix cameras, D-SLR cameras along with other accessories and expert guidance, technical know how all at one place.

Spectra Vision is amongst top 3 HP Flagship Stores in India. It's an exclusive branded store where you can purchase HP Personal Printing Systems Group’s and Imaging and Printing Group’s products. The store delivers a best in class experience to PC buyers, offering product displays with specialist demonstrations and exciting seasonal offers.

At the store, you can get a chance to experience HP’s strong product portfolio, including the entire range of desktop PCs such as Touch smart, HP Omni, and HP Pavilion series.

The LG Brand Shoppe goes beyond the concept of a normal exclusive store, by having a more interactive environment and a more lifestyle orientation in the display, so that the customer can actually experience the LG products in his / her own home settings.